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Epsilon Technologies

  • Fronter Corner SE 1
  • Back Corner SW

This 10,000 square foot, 3 story facility just south of Jackson enabled EPSILONTECH.COM to expand their operations. As the world’s largest manufacturer of strain gauges, David Werner’s team used the upper floor for design & sales, the main floor for manufacturing, and the lower level for machine shop and storage. Epsilon’s office culture encouraged enjoyment of extensive landscaping and mountain backdrop to the west, from a generous deck.

Casa Nica

  • Corner Porch
  • Front Porch

The Navarros intend to build their dream house just outside of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Hannah has an eye for tall, sculpted forms with playful inside/ outside and tall spaces. Marcellino would like to stack the house in phases vertically with local building practices, which include masonry & plaster walls, foam & wire mesh partitions, simple framing & plumbing, and of course metric friendly measurements

Richmond Detention Center

  • taschlich
  • richmond-city

Excavated from the urban fabric at the former “Great Basin” – a pool for holding and turning ships before continuing on the James River; This studio project, led by Peter Waldman, consists literally and conceptually of vertical layers.

Camp Paint Rock

  • UVA Graduate studio
  • Paint Rock Overview

A camp for At-Risk Los Angeles eighth-graders with strong academic and leadership potential, Paint Rock is the first part of a high school mentoring program. The camp comprises 16 buildings clustered at the entrance to a canyon: boys’ & girls’ cabins; dining hall; director’s house; counselors’ lodge and stable. This project was brought to UVA graduate studios for conceptual study by Marianne Thompson and Charlie Rose as part of their firm’s design process. CHARLES ROSE ARCHITECTS

Brookside Condo

  • Kitchen & Living
  • Kitchen & Laundry

This 750 sq ft condo had an odd layout, with an awkward entry and small rooms. We re-configured the space to feel more expansive and cleaned up the circulation. New appliances, windows, vanity area, and future deck will add value to this downtown Jackson property.

GTPM manages Brookside Condominium Association, where Rachel is HOA President

Bus Shelter

  • Toward Tram
  • Departure

This shelter was proposed as an arrival and departure terminal from Teton Village.  Flanked by permanent log elements, part of the enclosure would be a seasonal snow & ice wall.  The installation is intended to express the dynamic forces inherent to mountain skiing.