Snow King Summit

Schematic Program & Visibility Study PHASE 2 MASTERPLAN Gondola Terminal & Storage Barn, Zip Launch, Restaurant, Retail, Ski Patrol & School, Multi-Purpose Planetarium (Theater, Gallery, Auditorium, Meeting Space)

Casa Nica

The Navarros intend to build their dream house just outside of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Hannah has an eye for tall, sculpted forms with playful inside/ outside and tall spaces. Marcellino would like to stack the house in phases vertically with local building practices, which include masonry & plaster walls, foam & wire mesh […]

Bus Shelter

This shelter was proposed as an arrival and departure terminal from Teton Village.  Flanked by permanent log elements, part of the enclosure would be a seasonal snow & ice wall.  The installation is intended to express the dynamic forces inherent to mountain skiing.